About us

Swapika is a cryptocurrency exchange platform created by a talented team with 7+ years of experience in the crypto industry. We are proud to offer users the best service for their daily needs, without added hassle or complexities. As a service that respects privacy and operates without registration or limits, Swapika enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies with ease.

Swapika platform does not hold or store user’s funds, thus users are in full control of the exchange process. Users don’t need to share their personal data. The platform developed according to all the latest security technologies and protected against almost all possible attacks.

Variety of exchange pairs
On Swapika users are able to exchange more than 700+ cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Cryptocurrency list is constantly growing. All cryptocurrencies available for exchanges are double checked and reliable.

With a speed of light
Usually the exchange process on Swapika takes on average 5 minutes. But in some cases it can take a little longer, which depends entirely on the network of the particular coin. Our platform is built to meet the main requirement - to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly. That's why on Swapika, you won't see unnecessary elements slowing down the system.

Do not Waste your time
Swapika is free from registration and users don’t need to create an account.

We care about users
When you feel you need help, our experienced support team will be happy to come and help with any unclear situation 24/7.

About Swapika