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How to Convert Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) to Aragon in Just a Few Straightforward Steps

If you are looking to exchange ALPHA to ANT, you are in the appropriate spot. Our platform enables you to convert Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) to Aragon in a matter of minutes. Just adhere to these simple steps.

Pick ALPHA in the first selector (pay attention to the network), and pick ANT in the second.
Choose ALPHA to ANT cryptocurrency pair
Provide the recipient’s wallet address and press “Exchange”.
Provide wallet address
Make a deposit to the address shown on the screen. It's crucial to have the necessary amount to finalize the transaction.
Make a deposit
Congratulations, Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) for Aragon exchange is completed! Kindly check your wallet to ensure the arrival of your recently acquired coin.
Receive your new coins

Do you have any further inquiries regarding Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) to Aragon exchange on

Please note that our customer service team is available round the clock and ready to assist with any questions related to ALPHA to ANT exchanges. In addition, our FAQ page may also provide answers to your inquiries.

How to Exchange Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) to Aragon - Video Tutorial

Watch a detailed video tutorial on how to exchange Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) to Aragon created by Swapika. To make your swaps simple as possible we covered every crucial moment of the exchange process in this video guide. Check it out!

Swap Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) to Aragon anonymously

Make your fastest ALPHA to ANT swap using Swapika. Our registration free and anonymous service allows you to exchange your crypto without KYC and limits.

Why should I swap ALPHA to ANT on Swapika?



We make sure not to overload our website with unnecessary elements. Only the things you need for smooth crypto conversions.
Simple and clear.


Swapika is a safest place to exchange ALPHA to ANT. Exchange ALPHA to ANT anonymously, without KYC and registration.
In touch

In touch

Write to us in any unclear situation with Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) to Aragon exchange. Our support team is happy to help you 24/7.


We are constantly upgrading our platform to make exchanges really fast. The average speed for the swap is about 5-15 minutes.

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We have 700+ coins from which you can get Aragon cryptocurrency. Here are some popular ANT trading pairs.

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Do I need to create an account on to convert Alpha Venture DAO (ERC20) for Aragon?

No. You don’t need to provide any personal information or create an account. Swapika is a registration free service and free from any other ID verification requirements. Just follow our simple steps and exchange your crypto.

How long does it take to exchange ALPHA to ANT on Swapika?

The exchange process on Swapika is extremely fast, and typically takes only a few minutes to complete. Depending on the network traffic and transaction confirmation times, the actual time may vary slightly.

Can I track the status of my exchange on Swapika?

Yes, you can track the status of your exchange in real-time on the Swapika platform. Our user-friendly interface allows you to view the current status of your transaction at any time.

What is the minimum amount needed to swap ALPHA to ANT on Swapika?

There is a minimum amount required for ALPHA to ANT exchange on the Swapika platform. However, please note that this minimum amount may change, hence it's recommended to check the platform for the latest requirements.

Is Swapika legit? Why should I trust Swapika?

Swapika team consists of crypto enthusiasts with more than 7 years of experience in the industry. The main goal of swapika is to make a service for the user. Make it convenient, fast, and as transparent as possible. In order to get better, we always keep a close eye on what the community thinks about us in our social networks. You help us to become even better. Check reviews on